Halfway up a small mountain, the Abraham home is perched on a curved ledge overlooking the city of Port-of-Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.

The home is organized around a lush central courtyard covered with a 16' x 30' retractable skylight. The curved roofs are inspired by the waves surrounding this southernmost island of the British West Indies. There are 3 bedrooms, each with its own bath, a study on a 2nd level overlooking the central courtyard, and a guest casita next to the garage.

The owners, a young Trinidadian family, are able to enjoy their mild climate by completely folding open all the exterior glass walls, and since they do not need screens, the interior and exterior become one. The view from the master bedroom, especially at night, is quite magical. I can speak from personal experience for I was fortunate to stay in this room as a guest of the owners.

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